Top Photography Tips

top-ten-photography-tips-4eTop Photography Tips

Compose in Thirds

Imagine the photo you are taking having 9 grids. Most people will try to place the object of attention which they are taking in right in the center square, but why not consider shifting the object of attention a little bit off center, either to the right and left of the center square. Usually this will create a better aesthetic and pleasant effect and also make your photograph look a little bit more special from others.

Avoiding Camera Shake

Camera shake is a very common problem among beginners and amateurs and there are many different ways which you can stop it. The reason why you shake is usually because there is not enough support or your camera is too heavy. It can also be due to the shutter speed and the lens incompatibility. This is one of the reasons why good photographers always bring their tripod stand along whenever they are taking photos so that they can have a good support for their camera.

Use a polarizing filter lens

If you ever buy a filter for your lens, definitely buy one that is a polarizer. A polarizer not only helps to reduce reflections from water, glass and metal, they can also improve the colors of the sky and it will also be able to protect your lens. With a polarizer, you can also just choose to leave the filter on 24/7 and you do not have to worry about leaving it at home at all. Polarizers are also a lot longer lasting than most other types of filters out there.

Creating a sense of depth

When you are trying to take good photographs of landscapes, it is very important to make the viewer feel as though they are there, to make them feel as though the picture is as real as possible. Of course, this is very easy to say but may not be that easy to implement, as talk is cheap. But fret not, with some amount of experience and a good camera, you will be able to get the hang of doing this in no time at all.

So there you have it, here are just a few simple tips which you can make use of today to improve your photography skills and take better pictures which will awe everyone!


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