Ian Lloyd Photography

glowing-sky-over-ayres-rockIan Lloyd Photography

Hi, my name is Ian Lloyd and welcome to my humble website where I try to post all of my photograph works and also talk about some of my other hobbies such as remote control cars and planes. I am an amateur and do not have any formal training in photography, I just enjoy capturing the thrill of the moment. I use a Canon camera which costs over a thousand dollars and also use some special lens to try and create special effects for some of my photographs.

More about myself

I am 30 years old currently and still single but have a lovely girlfriend which I plan to settle down with soon once I get my finances sorted out. My girlfriend enjoys photography just like me and I really love her a lot. Some of these sunset photos you can see on this site were taken together with her when we were out enjoying the sunset and scenery. I have a electrical engineering degree and my full time job is an electrical engineer but photography is my past time, and hence this site was created to help document my experiences and journey.

Now that you know that I am from an engineering background, you can probably see which my other favorite past time would be remote control cars and planes. I find remote control cars and planes very fascinating as you can do a lot of things with them with just a very simple remote. Sometimes I also try to modify these remote control cars and planes to make them even faster and better.

Why did I take up photography

To be honest, I do not know which I took up photography as my past time either. One day I was just shopping around at Harvey Norman and came across this camera on sale, and decided to pick it up. Since I picked it up, I decide that I should not waste the money and took the camera and took some pictures, and eventually I became hooked after seeing the pictures I took. There is a kind of satisfaction and a sense of achievement after taking a really cool photo!

That is all I will say about myself for now and if you want to find out more about me, you can feel free to contact me to have a chat.